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Grandma Sandy’s Carrot Cake

by Dr Stacey on March 5, 2012

You should know by now, my mom loves to bake.  She grew up with her grandmother and mother in the house and they were always cooking and baking.  My mother never really participated in the baking, but she saw what was going on, even if she wasn’t paying much attention.  I think she got the talent through osmosis, it’s in her genes.  I told her I don’t have the gene.  I never bake, but she says I do.  Maybe one day I’ll get the urge and I’ll whip up something wonderful!

Triple Layer Cake Just Out Of The Oven

Carrot Cake

Triple Layer Carrot Cake With Cream Cheese Pecan Frosting….So good!

Grandma Sandy's Carrot Cake


Sandy’s Chilli

by Dr Stacey on December 20, 2011

My mom and I made a huge pot of chilli the other day, and it was so good.  Lots of beans and meat and even some steak.  We made so much, that we had to put several containers in the freezer.  It’s going to be great heated up on these cold winter nights.

First we diced onions, peppers and garlic

Onions And Peppers

Sautee the Onions

Sauteeing The Onions

Cut Up The Steak

Dice The Steak

Stir The Pot

Stirring The Pot

Add Tomatoes, beans and spices

Chilli In Pot

Keep stirring the pot and simmer.

Yummy Bowl of Chilli, So delicious!Chilli In Bowl


Stella making Apple Pies

December 1, 2011

Stella helped Grandma Sandy make apple pies for Thanksgiving.   Sandy made the pie dough from scratch and it was absolutely delicious! Stella grating some orange zest into pie The pies had Granny Smith Apples and a mixture of brown sugar, sugar and five spice powder. Yummy delicious!!!

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Thanksgiving Cranberry Relish

November 19, 2011

Sandy’s Thanksgiving Cranberry Relish is a Holiday Tradition.  It’s made with oranges and lemons, orange juice, brown sugar, white sugar and a little five spice powder. Great with Turkey and Stuffing!  

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Sandy’s Cranberry Nut Bread

November 18, 2011

My mom made delicious cranberry nut breads .  They are loaded with nuts and whole cranberries, the combination is gorgeous…..crunchy and cranberry-sour.  The loaf is brushed with an orange glaze that soaks into the cake.  We are taking these breads to my sister Leslie’s.  We’re gonna have them for breakfast over the Thanksgiving holiday. Here [...]

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Bubbe’s Biscotti

November 13, 2011

Growing up I remember always having Biscotti in the house, it was our cookie.  My grandmother was a phenomenal baker and this is her recipe, hers had raisins..I have updated with some additions.  Enjoy! Bubbe Ida 6 eggs 2 cups sugar 2 cups oil 6 cups flour/ 2 teas baking powder 1 teas salt / [...]

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Baking Brownies On Sunday Morning

November 13, 2011

It’s Sunday morning and my Mom is baking brownies.  She is a wonderful baker and has lots of recipes handed down from her grandmother. Mix Master In The Kitchen Getting Ready To Go Into The Oven….. Here they are fresh from the oven! Full of Pecans and Chocolate Chips…so yummy!!!

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