Stuart Little

Stuart Wears His Jersey

by Dr Stacey on January 23, 2012

So, how do you like my Jersey?  It says Alpha Dog 1 on it.  That’s me, Alpha Dog for sure.  I’m thinking of trying out for the Boston Celtics, maybe as a point guard.  I’m pretty fast and I can learn to dribble.  What da ya think?

Stuart Wears His Jersey


Stuart Rides A Bike

by Dr Stacey on December 28, 2011

So, today I took Stuart on a bike ride.  He didn’t literally ride the bike by himself, I put him in the basket and peddled him around.  He loved it!  Sometimes I take him to the beach, but today we rode to Greenwood Forest to play basketball.  Cami and Papa shot hoops, while Stuart and I played ball.  What I should say is, I threw the ball and Stuart fetched it.  It was a little bit chilly, so Stuart wore his red hockey sweatshirt.

Stuart In His Red Sweatshirt

Stuart On Bike

Cami and Papa in action

Cami and Papa playing basketballStay tuned for the next episode of Stuart’s Grand Adventures!


Stuart Goes On An Afternoon Walk

November 17, 2011

Stuart and I took our routine afternoon walk today.  On a typical day, we walk on the path through the woods.  We walk at a fairly brisk pace, and Stuart is practically at a run, but he keeps up well.  He likes to stop and pee on his favorite trees and posts along the way. [...]

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Stuart Explores Gull Point Road

November 5, 2011

Stuart continued on his adventures today, this time to Gull Point Road.  We traveled on foot, a couple of miles to reach there.   It was warm and sunny.  Gull Point Road is one of my favorite streets in Sea Pines.  It’s long and smooth and I used to love to rollerblade up and down it’s [...]

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Stuart Little’s Adventures

November 2, 2011

Stuart Little and I have been taking extra long walks lately, exploring this unique place we call home. Today we walked through the woods and took a turn down Baynard Cove Road. We came upon an empty piece of land with lots of majestic oak trees. There was a path leading through the pine straw [...]

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Stuart And The Beach

June 5, 2011

I took Stuart to the beach today.  We ran down to Tower Beach and back.  Stuart loves it so much.  I throw his little tennis ball as we run along and he brings it back to me each time. Every few minutes he takes his ball in the ocean to wash it and to cool [...]

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Stuart Little And The Baby Racoons

June 2, 2011

Stuart Little and I were playing ball outside in my backyard yesterday around dusk. Stuart loves playing fetch, it’s his favorite thing to do.  He is a good little retriever, better than most larger dogs.  I throw his little tennis ball as far as I can and he runs at top speed to retrieve it.  [...]

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Stuart Little and Me

March 1, 2011

Stuart Little is the best dog.  Weighing in at just 5 pounds, he is the cutest thing.  He travels with me everywhere as I make my housecalls.  He’s my best little buddy.  I think he enjoys visiting my patients and he seems to know when a pet is sick or injured. He even acts empathetic.  [...]

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