Alligator In My Backyard

by Dr Stacey on June 3, 2011

There is an Alligator in my backyard.  He’s been there now for 2 days.  Stuart and I spotted him in the creek while we were playingThe Lowcountry Veterinarian Dr Stacey Levin around.  As you can see, he’s camoflouged by the trees and leaves.

I got as close to him as I could for a photo, but I really, really need a good telephoto lens.  His yellow eyes are fixated on my back porch.  It’s got me worried about my kitty cats.  I’m not letting Edward out of the house.

I hope the baby Racoons are safe too. I have a feeling that’s why he’s hanging around, he’s waiting for them.  Alligators are very fast, they can sprint for short distances at 30 miles per hour.

He’s a young gator , about 5 feet long and not filled out yet.  If he lunged at me, I’m pretty sure  I could jump on his back and wrestle him, that’s my plan anyway.  I’ll keep ya’ll posted!


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