Back From Miami

by Dr Stacey on March 12, 2011

So, I’m back from a long weekend in Miami.  Dk’s bachlorette party, 7 girls in a suite at the Fountainblue, no husbands and no boyfriends.  Need I say more?  So much fun!  Arrived on thursday afternoon, nonstop on Allegiant air to Ft. Lauderdale, what a great service.  Rented a mini van and off we went.  Stopped first at Whole Foods on Miami Beach to stock our kitchen full of wine, champagne and snacks.

The Lowcountry Veterinarian Dr Stacey LevinIn a nutshell, witnessed a burning homeless man in the courtyard of Nobu restaurant, ran into Cuba Gooding Junoir (who was really obnoxious and fresh with the girls), had drinks at the W Hotel, met a guy whose name starts with “J”, went with J to “THE Wall” where he got us a table and we drank and danced all night on the Table, Had a great time at the Famous “LIV” dancing until 5 in the morning, sushi on Lincoln road, more Drinks at the Delano and very little sleep.

PM and I bought sexy, skintight, short little dresses from an Eqyptian guy, while drinking vodka shots in the store and silver stilettos, now we just have to figure out where to wear theses hot little numbers on Hilton Head?  We may need to plan another girls night out!  So, back on Hilton head and took a week to recover.  Check out our photos on FB.

Made a few housecalls today.  Went to See “Pukh” the kitty, who travelled here all the way from Israel with his Owner , Miss Patty.  Apparently there are tons of cats in Israel, not many dogs.  Patty loves cats and has taken in several stray.  Pukh loves the outdoors and was roaming the balcony, where he happened to fall through one day and dropped several stories, luckily he was not hurt.

Its true that some kitties will land on their feet, but others will break their jaws in whats known as “High Rise Syndrome”.  So Patty decided to bring Pukh back to the states to her moms house in HHp, so Pukh could enjoy the outdoors in the woods, without having to worry about falling.

Pukhs’ grandma thought he had a lump under his neck, but it turned out to be just a big Hair Mat, which I easily shaved off.  Pukh was very cooperative and easy to work with, a very good patient!  I wish all kitties could be as easy.

Then off to see Louie the cat.  Louie is a 1 year old Intact Male DSH, orange tabby, very sweet and inquisitive.  Louie has been hanging around the lagoon in his backyard in HHp, where several young alligators lived.  Apparently a small gator grabbed Louie by the tail, but he was able to slid thru the Gators jaws.

His tail had 3 large puncture wounds in it and was very swollen and painful.  Louie let me clean his wounds with peroxide and I gave him an antibiotic shot and a shot for pain.  I put him on some oral, liquid antibiotics for a week and put him on bedrest.  I hope Louie will learn to stay away from the edge of the lagoon!

So, I’m home with Stuie right now, taking a rest.  The Scorpion wants to see me tonight?  What shall I do?  Why is it men say they love you and want to be with you, but are unwilling to committ?

I’m trying to stand up for what I want, but I’m finding it hard not to give in.  I’m sure we’ll end up going out for drinks, maybe Sushi and then what?  I’ll try and stand up for myself.  Let you know what happens tomorrow.

Spring is here and all the animals are out and about, keep your pets safe!



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