A Visit With The Locals

by Dr Stacey on December 11, 2011

I love when my calls take me out to the rural areas of the island.  I get to meet the locals and see how they live .  I get a glimpse of what it must have been like to be a southerner in the Lowcountry, back in the day.  On this crisp December morning I went out to Thomas Cohen Road to meet Mister C. JR and Mister C. SR.  They needed me to test their Huntin’ dogs for Heartworm.

One by one on the back of the pickup, I drew blood from 5 Beagles and 2 Coon dogs.  The dogs were all healthy and well fed.

As we stood out in the cold, Mister C. SR told me stories about their farm and living on the land.  ” This land has been in the family for well over a hundred years.”    “Granddaddy was 62 when he died.”   ” When Honey Horn was Honey Horn, my Great Granddaddy was a bird trainer.”  The sad part is people are encroaching upon their property, building homes closer and closer,  and then they like to complain and call Beaufort County animal control.  These people have been there all their lives, they grew up on the land, they understand it.  I hate to see the unfairness and injustice.

I got to walk around the farm and meet all of the animals, which of course made me very happy.  There were 5 Beagles,  5 Coon Dogs,  7 Horses ( 1 Arabian and 6 Marsh Tackies),  7 pigs ( used to be 40, but people have been buying them up for barbecue parties),  and 17 Hens and Roosters ( ” The best eggs you ever tasted” ).

I fell in love with Dancer , a 2 year old Marsh Tacky Colt, who looked me right in the eye, nuzzled me and then gave me a little nip on the arm.  I absolutely love him!!


Dancer The Marsh Tacky

Dancer again, isn’t he so cute!

Dancer 2 year old Marsh Tacky

The Roosters

The Roosters

Starbright JR. 7 month old Marsh Tacky

Starbright The Baby Marsh Tacky

I can’t wait to go back and visit my new friends on their little farm.  I’m getting the carrots and apples ready!  Dancer has never been ridden, still has to be  “broke” and I want to be the first to ride him!



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Sandy December 13, 2011 at 12:48 pm

so wonderful to know these places still exist.


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