Beavis, Butthead, And The Runt

by Dr Stacey on December 4, 2011

Beavis, Butthead, and the Runt, are Jersey Calves.  They are only 12 weeks old.  I went to see them at their home on Jonesville Road.  Their new owners had just purchased them and wanted to have them examined to make sure they were in good health.  This was their first experience raising cattle and they wanted to make sure they were doing the right thing.  The baby calves were just adorable.  They were following me around and sucking on my legs.  They were skinny, but eating well and putting on weight.  The owners are raising them for beef.  I would find that so hard to do, after giving them names and caring for them for 18 months.  I am a veterinarian and I love animals, there is no way I could slaughter them, but I understand the need for beef and living off the land.

The Runt

The Runt Jersey Calf


Beavis Jersey Calf


Butthead Jersey Calf

Jersey Calves Grazing

Jersey Calves Grazing

I will be going back soon to start these little guys on a vaccination protocol.  I hope I don’t get too attached!


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Beth Darlington December 6, 2011 at 2:28 pm

Dr. Stacey,
GOOD LUCK NOY GETTING ATTACHED. Those faces and emerging personalities!


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