Miss B And Peter R

by Dr Stacey on October 19, 2011

Peter R is a one year old Rabbit.  He lives with Miss B and her six children on North Forest Beach.  Their home is on the ocean in a quaint beachy neighborhood.  The funny thing is Peter R lives outside and has no restrictions.  He has complete freedom to run around as he pleases.

Peter R loves his life, but it does come with some risks.  Sunday morning he got into some trouble and Miss B called me frantically to come and take a look at him.  He had a swollen eye and she was very worried.

Miss B captured Peter R and put him in his crate.  He had a wound under his left eye, but luckily his cornea was not injured.  I treated his eye with antibiotic opthalmic ointment,  put him on oral antibiotics to treat the infection and ordered cage rest for one week.

Peter R was not happy to be in his cage, but he tolerated the treatment well and seemed to know that we were helping him.

Miss B told me some stories about Peter’s escapades in the neighborhood.  It seems that he likes to venture next door to Miss Francis’s and eat the lettuce growing in her garden.

Miss Francis picked up Peter and carried him back home to Miss B.  ” I caught your Rabbit eating the lettuce” she said.  Miss B felt badly, so the next day she set the book of Peter Rabbit on Francis’s doorstep, with a note reading ” Dear Francis, Please don’t put Peter in the Pot! “

Everyone in the neighborhood really does love Peter and they all look out for him.  There is a Juvenille Hawk that lives in the tall pine trees above and he has spotted Peter several times.  One day during a backyard party, the young hawk swooped down right over Peter and just missed him!

Peter is lucky he is a big rabbit and much too heavy for the Juvenille Hawk!


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