Miss Barbara, Billy, And Kody

by Dr Stacey on November 20, 2011

Miss Barbara and Billy live with Kody, their Chocolate Lab on Myrtle Island.  Myrtle Island is a secluded, lush Island on the May River, tucked away in Old Town Bluffton.  I love Myrtle Island.  I love the way the large plantation style homes are set way back along the river, I love the porches and the hammocks and the old dirt roads leading to nowhere.

Myrtle Island

Kody likes to lie on the recliner every evening and rest her head on Billy’s chest.  She loves her daddy!

Kody The Chocolate Lab

She is a very smart dog.  She has a basket of toys on the floor in the living room, and if you ask her to get one out by name, she will bring you that exact toy!  Such a smart girl!!

This is my view from the road driving off the Island.  Thankfully Kody is healthy, so I won’t be seeing her for another 6 months.

Myrtle Island


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