Miss Kim And Desiree’

by Dr Stacey on March 17, 2012

Miss Kim adopted Desiree’ just before 911.  Desiree’ was just a tiny little poodle at the time and she had been abused by her previous owners.  Miss Kim, who has a very kind heart,  flew to Michigan to rescue her.  She was met at the airport by her sister, who was carrying Desiree’ in her arms.  They hid her in Kim’s purse and she boarded the plane back to Hilton Head.  Desiree’ was so quiet on the plane, that the stewardesses never knew she was there.  All these years later, Desi is still a very quiet little girl.  As I petted her and examined her, Miss Kim told me how she got her name.  On the flight home, with the little poodle sleeping quietly in her lap, under a soft blanket, Miss Kim was reading Vanity Fair.  The editor of the magazine was named Desiree’.  It struck her as the perfect name for this pretty little dog, and Desiree’ has been her soul mate ever since.

Desirree' The Toy Poodle


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