Miss Meghan And Jupiter, The Case Of The Intruder

by Dr Stacey on November 16, 2011

Miss Meghan adopted Jupiter several years ago.  He looks big and scary, but he is a big baby.  He is a great protector of Miss Meghan, but when she takes him to the Vet’s office, he panics!  In fact it is so bad, that he causes a huge disruption of the office and no one can touch him.  That’s where I come in.  I have been seeing Jupiter in the home for a few years now, and he is a big sweetheart… as long as I rub his belly!

Jupiter The Rotweiler

One day when Jupiter and Meghan were in their backyard, their new neighbor came out to meet them.  She said she was a Nurse and worked the night shift, so she slept during the day.  They exchanged their pleasantries and then the woman went back in the house to go to sleep.  A few minutes later, Jupiter began barking wildly at the fence, towards the womans house.  Meghan could not calm him down.  He was frantic.  Running up and down and growling.  Suddenly they saw a man running out of the house.  Meghan called the police immediately.  Apparently this man had broken into the home and Jupiter had scared him off.  For a dog that’s terrified in the Vet’s office, Jupiter proved to be one tough Rottweiler!



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