Miss Sandy And Jarvis

by Dr Stacey on February 2, 2012

Jarvis is a 1 year old grey and white tabby cat.  He had lived in the shelter on Hilton Head for 2 years before Miss Sandy adopted him.  Jarvis has a bushy tail that curves upward and curls over his back.  It looks like an Akita’s tail, and I’ve never seen anything like it on a cat before.  Miss Sandy thinks that no one wanted him because his tail is so strange.

Lucky for Jarvis, Miss Sandy thought he was cute and she didn’t mind his tail at all.  Jarvis is an affectionate kitty, and he has a quirky personality.  He likes to eat his canned cat food with his paw.  He scoops it out of his dish and eats it from his paw.  When he’s all done, he licks his paw clean.  The other thing he does, which is very original, is when he’s done playing with his toys, he takes them and one by one he piles them up in his food dish.  My theory is  he thinks the toys are his prey and he is leaving them in his dish as a present for Miss Sandy.  Jarvis’s quirky personality goes perfectly with his quirky tail!

As I was leaving Miss Sandy’s house, I commented on her new neighborhood, which was recently built on uninhabited woodlands.  She told me that she has Turkeys, Fox, Coyotes, and Deer on her property and living out in the woods.  One morning, to her surprise, she saw a large Turkey on top of a neighborhood guys’ Mercedes.  The Turkey was looking at his reflection in the windshield!  Miss Sandy could not believe it!  As she walked back into her house, she couldn’t help but wonder what those big turkey claws would do to that poor mans beautiful Car!  She didn’t want to stick around to find out!




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