Miss Trowbridge And Cassie

by Dr Stacey on November 6, 2011

Miss Trowbridge is an elderly woman.  She Lives with Cassie, her 11 year old Shih Tzu.  Miss Trowbridge recently went to China for three weeks and Cassie stayed with a friend in Beaufort.  When Miss Trowbridge returned, Cassie was not a happy camper.  She was not as perky as usual and had fleas!!

Cassie The Shih Tzu

Cassie has many ailments.  Her eyes don’t produce enough tears, causing a mucosy film, known as “Dry Eye”.  The Pinna of her ears are crusty and thickened from chronic ear infections and she constantly chews at her sides and feet.

Her skin is greasy and scaly, a condition known as Seborrhea Oleosa.

Poor Little Cassie!

I treated her skin with medications and medicated shampoo.  Put her on a prescription Hypoallergenic diet and Hypoallergenic treats.

Cassie loves her treats!

I fixed her up so she can live comfortably with her Momma who loves her.


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