Momma Cat And Baby At The Steamgun

by Dr Stacey on December 5, 2011

Momma and Baby are 2 feral cats that live at the old steamgun in Port Royal Plantation.  They have been living under the steamgun for a few years now and have very good care takers.  A few of the local women take turns feeding them.  They each have their own days and shifts.  Rain or shine they are out at this beautiful site making sure these cats are fed.  I have been giving them their vaccines for several years, and it’s always fun visiting this historic civil war site.  Home of Fort Walker and the battle of Port Royal.

Momma Cat At Steamgun

Momma Cat At Steamgun

Baby Cat At Steamgun

Baby Cat At Steamgun

Steamgun Placque at Port Royal

Steamgun Placque at port royal

Remnants Of Fort Walker

Fort Walker

Remnants Of The Old Steamgun Where The Cats Live, It gives them shelter

The Old Steamgun

The Path To The Beach At Port Royal, just beyond the steamgun

The Path To The Beach At Port Royal

The Ocean At Port Royal…Not A bad backyard, for a couple of cats!

The Ocean At Port Royal


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