Mr. Charlie And Lina, Eliza, Bruno and Sport

by Dr Stacey on February 27, 2012

Mr. Charlie Lives on Myrtle island.  It’s one of my favorite places to visit.  His property lies along the banks of the May River, lined with live oaks, dripping with spanish moss.  There are several houses on his property, all of them probably 100 years old.  It reminds me of an old southern plantation, which I love.  Every time I go there, I just want to stay on the porch sipping sweet tea, while gazing out at the river.  I told Mr. Charlie I wanted to move in, he probably thought I was joking, but I would do it in a minute.

It is fitting that Mr. Charlie lives with four Labs.  There is Lina, who is the oldest and named after “Carolina”.   Bruno is the 4 year old Chocolate Lab.  he was found on the side of the road at the four way stop in Bluffton.  Mr. Charlie put ads in the paper for 2 weeks, but no one replied, so Bruno stayed.  Eliza is a 6 year old yellow Lab and except for being itchy in the spring, she’s a happy girl.  Sport is the sweetest of all, he’s a big old yellow boy and he has an obsession with licking.  He loves to lick his bed all day, until it’s soaking wet.  It’s a weird habit that he just can’t stop .  It doesn’t really bother anyone, so Mr. Charlie tries to overlook it.

Mr. Charlie inherited the property from his parents, it had been passed on for generations.  He grew up next door to the main house and as a boy, he and his friends called it the haunted house.  That’s because from the river, all you could see was the tops of the chimneys.  That’s how secluded and overgrown it was with trees and vines.  I walked around the property with the dogs before I left, and imagined a more wild and haunted place.

Lina, Eliza And Sport

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Myrtle Island And The May River

Myrtle Island


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