by Dr Stacey on August 18, 2012

This is Sammy, my friend Rebecca’s cat.  Sammy loves to play outside.  A few years ago he went missing.  A couple of days went by and Sammy came out from under the porch.  He was staggering and seemed disoriented.  Miss Rebecca called me to come and see him.  His body was very warm and his ears and paws were bright red.  I couldn’t find any bite wounds and there wasn’t any swelling.  His temperature was elevated and his heart rate was a bit fast.  I was worried about poisoning, snake bite or insect sting.  Sammy was very stoic while I treated him with subcutaneous fluids and antibiotics.  Once he was stabilized we let him rest inside the house.  Sammy recovered well and today he is a happy, strong kitty.

Here is Sammy now



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