Stuart Explores Gull Point Road

by Dr Stacey on November 5, 2011

Stuart continued on his adventures today, this time to Gull Point Road.  We traveled on foot, a couple of miles to reach there.   It was warm and sunny.  Gull Point Road is one of my favorite streets in Sea Pines.  It’s long and smooth and I used to love to rollerblade up and down it’s curvy tarmac.

Stuart got warm in the sun, so we stopped for a rest in the shade

Stuart Little On Gull Point Road Sea Pines Plantation Hilton Head Island

Gull Point Road is surrounded on both sides by Marsh

When the tide comes in you can see all of South Beach Marina

Gull Point Road Tidal Marsh

The boats come in and out of the Marina and out into Calibogue Sound

Stuart and I walked to the end of the road and turned left onto the private boat dock.  We sat on the bench and watched the Dolphins frolicking in the shallow water.  I sat again in the stillness, thinking about my life and my future.  With Stuart by my side.


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