Stuart Little and Me

by Dr Stacey on March 1, 2011

The Lowcountry Veterinarian Dr Stacey LevinStuart Little is the best dog.  Weighing in at just 5 pounds, he is the cutest thing.  He travels with me everywhere as I make my housecalls.  He’s my best little buddy.  I think he enjoys visiting my patients and he seems to know when a pet is sick or injured.

He even acts empathetic.  Today we made our rounds through Sea Pines and stopped to see “Abby” a 15 year old Black lab.

Abby lives on a beautiful beach street 2nd row ocean.  She had been running on the beach this morning and must have over exerted herself.  When I got to the house she couldn’t even stand.  We were able to coax her up with a bacon strip and she gobbled it up.

She was wagging her tail and happy to see me, a typical lab!  I decided to give her some pain medicine and let her rest for a couple of days.

Her owner wasn’t ready to let her go.  It’s so difficult to see our pets age.  I feel blessed that I can help animals in pain.  Being a Veterinarian is my calling in life.

I love what I do everyday and the compassion I feel for all animals.  My days are filled with adventure and I love taking my little pal with me.

Oh, and by the way, Stuie and I are done with the Scorpion.

See you all tomorrow.


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