Stuart Little And The Baby Racoons

by Dr Stacey on June 2, 2011

Stuart Little and I were playing ball outside in my backyard yesterday around dusk. Stuart loves playing fetch, it’s his favorite thing to do.  He is a good little retriever, better than most larger dogs.  I throw his little tennis ball as far as I can and he runs at top speed to retrieve it.  He always brings it back to me and never tires.

He could play this game all day. While we were playing, a Momma Raccoon and five little babies came walking by along the creek bed. The babies were so adorable, the cutest little things! Naturally, Stuart started barking at them, probably wondering how small of a hole can a raccoon fit through.

He thinks he’s a guard dog.  The babies panicked and two of them ran up a tree, one ran up another nearby tree and two of themThe Lowcountry Veterinarian Dr Stacey Levin ran down into the creek with the momma.  It was lowtide, so the creek was almost dry.  I picked up Stuart, to hush him up and we watched quietly.

The babies went as far as they could to the tips of the branches.  They were just hanging there, looking down, not sure what to do.  I was afraid they might fall down.  A few minutes went by and the Momma came back with the other little ones, to rescue them.  She kept looking at Stuart and I, but decided we posed no threat and she climbed up one of the trees.

The two babies on the top spotted her and started climbing down.  She gathered them all together and began walking back down the creek single file.  I’m sure she was heading out to find them dinner.

Later that evening several Deer, a Doe and two Bucks came walking through my yard. They are so gentle and beautiful and I was glad to see that they are still around.  Living here in the woods among all this wildlife is why I love the Lowcountry so much!

By the way, Stuart got a haircut the other day by David The Groomer.  As you can see by his picture, he looks ridiculous, but he desperately needed a summer haircut.  Next time, I’m gonna have David leave his ears long, I just can’t get used to those tiny little ears, it looks like little figs hanging off his head.

I’m also working on getting a good DSLR Camera, so I can capture better pictures of all this wildlife and natural beauty for all of you to see!  I’m looking at a Nikon D3100 or D5100.  Any Suggestions?


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