Stuart Little’s Adventures

by Dr Stacey on November 2, 2011

Stuart Little and I have been taking extra long walks lately, exploring this unique place we call home. Today we walked through the woods and took a turn down Baynard Cove Road. We came upon an empty piece of land with lots of majestic oak trees. There was a path leading through the pine straw to an old dock and we decided to check it out.

Here he is sitting on the Dock

Stuart Little Toy Poodle

The dock was old and wobbly, but we sat there for a while, watching the creek as the tide rolled in.  It was a beautiful, peaceful scene.

Baynard Cove Creek

Baynard Cove Creek Hilton Head Island Sea Pines Plantation

We sat together in stillness, neither one of us speaking.  Contemplating the meaning of life.  Stuart content and happy just to be with me.  Always living in the present.  You can learn alot from dogs.

Here is the bridge that we walked down

Bridge at Baynard Cove Creek

After I contemplated my future and Stuart relished in the moment, we headed back up the bridge and meandered through the woods, home.


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